Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wahoo Blue SC on a rower

This is a quick prove of concept:

Taped the "arm" of the Wahoo Blue SC on the seat support in a way that the main sensor unit can rotate inward (closer to the rail):

I used a neodymium magnet, it is self-attached to a steel bracket and the bracket is taped to the underside of the rail. Note that the magnet pole has to be aligned to the mark on the sensor and the gap between magnet and the sensor should be small about 5mm or so:

Here is another angle (from under the rail) of the magnet/bracket and the sensor

The problem of that approach is that the cadence number is double of the actual strokes per minute.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I had decided to "seriously" working on swimming about a month ago, did a couple of "long" exercise on a 25m pool and feel pretty good.

The entry fee of that recreation center is about 10CAD so if I'm going to swim once a week that will adds up to about 500 per year, or buy annual pass at about 600CAD. Annual pass may be a good idea as the rec center has other amenities like e.g. a running track (hate running on a treadmill) which may be a good idea for the winter. However I don't want to waste about 30 minute every time going there on drive there, do the packing/unpacking, and other stuff. It is hard to decide.

During some research on swimming I come across this thing:

Vasa Swim Ergometer
Vasa swim ergo-meter
It is kind of an advanced treadmill for swim, the price tag is steep at about 2kCAD. May be I should make one myself.