Thursday, June 13, 2013


I had decided to "seriously" working on swimming about a month ago, did a couple of "long" exercise on a 25m pool and feel pretty good.

The entry fee of that recreation center is about 10CAD so if I'm going to swim once a week that will adds up to about 500 per year, or buy annual pass at about 600CAD. Annual pass may be a good idea as the rec center has other amenities like e.g. a running track (hate running on a treadmill) which may be a good idea for the winter. However I don't want to waste about 30 minute every time going there on drive there, do the packing/unpacking, and other stuff. It is hard to decide.

During some research on swimming I come across this thing:

Vasa Swim Ergometer
Vasa swim ergo-meter
It is kind of an advanced treadmill for swim, the price tag is steep at about 2kCAD. May be I should make one myself.

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